Product Features

Whether in the performing or non-performing residential loan business ELMS allows clients to rely on a robust data base with a comprehensive data dictionary to track their loans from bid through settlement. Track final due diligence results, monthly servicing updates and create reporting to manage inventory at a loan level. Multiple users can share the same data with no versioning issues as in Excel.

Adminstrative Controls

Set up customers and track specific stipulations on the MLPA such as Early Payment Default.

Set up multiple servicers and attach the servicer information at a loan level. Transfer servicers easily by using predefined views and system-generated emails sent to the current servicer to initiate transfer and to the new servicer to anticipate the transferred loan.

Data Mapping and Loan Landing

Load, map, and validate loan tapes in CAS or Excel format. Create data maps for clients based on the file formats clients and/or vendors supply (e.g. due diligence, servicing). Compare multiple versions of customer data tapes, allowing the user to quickly identify data differences. Track loans through the typical cycle of Bid, Won, Funded, Sold, and Liquidated.

Data Mining and Reporting

Create filters and strats to be used on specific loan lists or on the loan inventory as a whole. Export specific loan lists with any data fields, allowing users to send files or create feeds to other systems.

Track Servicing

Allows the user to load servicing tapes recurred monthly and to create specific tapes.

Monitor delinquency, foreclosure, RED status and commentary from the servicing.