Administrative Control

Customer Set-up

Servicer Tracking

Loan Level Permissioning


Data Mapping/Loading

One time mapping

Loan Data Validation

Quickly identify data inaccuracies


Data Mining and Reporting

Create filters and strats to report on

Share information across users

Export data to other systems


Track Servicing

Map and load servicing info

Create views to monitor

Manage servicing transfers

Administrative Control

This allows the client to assign control over the viewing and updating of data at a loan level. The initial set-up of customers and servicers is done in a controlled environment.

Data Mapping and Loan Loading

Easy data mapping to a robust data dictionary with the ability to focus on data clean-up, error correction and data validation prior to loading. A one time mapping of a client, diligence provider or servicer allows you to save and re-use maps whenever new data is received.

Data Mining and Reporting

Ability to maintain final due diligence results and monthly servicing information at a loan level. Users can create filters and strats to on report on subsets of loans and specific characteristics. These filters and strats can be shared across users.

Track Servicing

Create a map for your specified servicer and load all servicing information monthly. Upload Excel updates to specific servicing fields and track all changes to those fields at a loan level. Create reporting to project and reconcile cash receipts.